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Special Thanks

We would like to say thank you for the support we have received from the community, in particular:

Samantha Bird from Morrisons

Suzanne Warburton from Tesco

Susan Pahl for her uniform bags

Food4wales for keeping the staff well fed

Dominoes Pizza

Gillian Evans for her cakes and pies

Dunelm who are working in partnership with the home

Neil Lane for keeping everyone entertained

Keith who sang and danced in the garden

A special thank you to Michelle Moore who has been incredible and ensuring our residents receive extra special treats, and Peter Moore for transporting to the home.

COVID-19 update

Please contact the home for up to date visiting guidelines.

Keeping residents connected to family & friends is important to us, we can arrange video calls and ‘window’ visits.  We understand this is not ideal but maintaining the health of our residents is a priority.

About Us

At St Jude we aim to deliver a service where our residents are supported, valued and are at the heart of our care.

Our service provides care and support to adults and people living with dementia who require support with their everyday needs. At St Jude we are passionate about care, and aim to provide care that is of high quality and standards.

Through our mission statement we aim to provide a service that is user led and focused. Providing the right care and support is essential to each person, which is why our service puts the individual at the centre of their care. We do this by:

  • Treating the person as an individual with regard to their needs
  • Promote personal independence and choice at all times
  • Ensure that personal dignity and privacy are respected. By providing quality care we ensure our staff are well trained, friendly and have the necessary skills to provide good quality care.

Person-centered Dementia Care

At St Jude, we understand how important care and support is to those living with dementia and their families. We also value that many family members often care for their loved one, and that the pressure of providing round the clock care can be both physically and emotionally difficult. That is why we are here to help and support you the best we can.

We ensure that independence is maintained and that our residents live a fulfilling and meaningful life. We believe in living well with dementia, and that this is best achieved when a person is happy, comfortable and living a good quality of life.

To us, it is important that our staff are able to deliver front line care which is of high quality and adheres to professional standards. To ensure our staff can provide the best care for people living with dementia, we provide them with the support, training and skills required to carry out their caring role. We also help them to adopt a person-centered approach, sharing our vision of care and dementia care. We ensure our carers are enthusiastic and passionate with a friendly but professional work ethic to enhance the lives of those we care for. Our care staff at St Jude’s are committed to attending on-going training in all areas of dementia care at an advanced level. This ensures everyone is knowledgeable and confident in their approach and care delivery.

We care for residents living with dementia as individuals. By responding to the individual and supporting what they can do with a personalised care plan, we look for opportunities to build on their strengths and abilities. We use the customer’s life story to build a picture of their preferences, lifestyle, history, likes and dislikes this is done with the input of the resident, family/next of kin which are continually updated.


Person-centred, social and occupational activities

Our service will help the person with dementia to have and sustain meaningful social relationships. Will develop trust with the person by showing a sincere interest in the social relationships and activities that he or she enjoys.

Our carers provide social and occupational activities which are important for people to maintain a full and active lifestyle. We ensure that our residents lifestyles and choices are maintained by doing activities which they enjoy.

  • Our care services include help with daily living tasks and assisting with their individual needs.
  • Helping people with occupational activities enables them to maintain skills, making them feel valued and retaining independence.
  • We also help and support people living with dementia to maintain social relationships and stay in touch with their families and friends.

By providing consistency in our resident’s care, we ensure that our carers build up a relationship with both the client and their loved ones. By developing this connection, our carers can provide effective support to the client on a long-term basis.

St Jude carers deliver the highest quality of support to our residents.